suspension lights:

light colliders. Flat light collider and Curved light collider.
collider The form of the shade mimics that of the fluorescent tube cradled in its belly. It’s a shape influenced by science fiction imagery, of space stations and hadron colliders. This is contrasted with the exterior wood veneer and branch like support structure. Like the classic lampshade, this form seeks to make science (lightbulbs) a part of the home, but not by disguising it in a homely shroud, but by making it a point of focus.

Natural Wire Furniture #2


Obsessive wire is a table originally conceived as a Cad exercise. The repetitive bent wire form was designed to be CNC bent, but was modified to be made by hand. The basic shapes of the wire when cloned over and over again, both give strength and enticing patterns to the structure. The concept takes an industrial material and controlled production process, and introduces random stresses into the product, allowing the environment that it is a part of to shape it. The rigid pattern becomes organic and interactive.

Vinyl Beard Brooches.

beard brooches

beard brooches

Cameo brooches of explorers, inventors, politicians, writers and others of that ilk, imprinted on damaged and discarded vinyl records. By adding content to a material no longer capable of carrying out its original task, it is  re-purposed from an emotional container to a container of ideas. Arrayed here are representations of Alfred Nobel, Robert O’Hara Burke and Nick Cave.


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